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Project expertise

In providing its services, Black Holes can avail itself of extensive project experience, varying from small ad hoc assignments single-handedly fulfilled by the Director within a few days to multimillion-euro research projects requiring extended teams working over several years, and running across the spectrum of outer space activities and main applications.

The (non-exhaustive) list of major past projects provided hereunder allows you to obtain thorough and extended impressions of the project experience available to Black Holes. For reasons of commercial confidentiality and sensitivities in many cases detailed and full project reports and/or results cannot be shared (contact Black Holes for further information), but in all cases additional information made available for the specific projects listed still offers considerable details on the contents and substance of the work undertaken in the context of the project, and further background information.

More specifically, generally speaking six categories of further information can be offered, as follows:

Content >> Information on general structure and/or contents project

Report >> Final/major reports on the project (results)

Presentation >> Presentations on the project

Wikipedia >> Wikipedia for general information

Read more >> Helpful further reading on the subject matter of the project

Media >> Media or web interview on the subject matter of the project


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